Saturday, November 28, 2009

What I Did On My Thanksgiving Holiday By Debi Mae Sims

First off, I hope y'all had a nice Thanksgiving, chock full of good vittles and whatever else y'all like, whether it's football, hockey, or just a good old fashioned BDSM scene. Mine was OK, not great, cause I had to work at the bar through a lot of it, and I messed up the turkey breast I roasted to boot. When it was done it was as tough as an old boot, come ta think of it. The mashed potatoes turned out OK, and so did the gravy that came in the pouch. Some frozen peas, a can of cranberry sauce, and a loaf of French bread to top things off, and even with the dud of a turkey breast, I didn't starve.

It's been kinda busy leadin up to Thanksgiving. Seems like everybody and their brother was bookin the bar for a dinner or party, and guess who has to pitch in and clean up after the parties? Yep. Debi Mae Sims does. It's bad enough makin and servin drinks, and puttin up with crude comments and the little feels the drunks always try to get away with, but to have to stick around and clean up afterwards when all I want to do is to go home and put my feet up really sucks the giant wee-wah. And we won't even talk about the tips... or the lack of. I guess everybody is on a budget this year. But here's a tip from me for all you cheapskates out there, and you know who you are. Y'all need to cowboy up and tip your servers, because they're bustin their asses for you and could use the extra money more than a pinch on the ass. For cryin' out loud, I make better tips workin behind the bar than I do when I'm servin, and servin is a lot harder work.

So yesterday, I had just got home from another after party cleanup party, and there's a comment from Ms Sassa in my blog, and when I checked the EW Forum, there was a message for me in there too. She wanted to do a call NOW, if I wanted to have a chance for any of that orgasmic bliss stuff. I had like 5 minutes to get out of my jeans shorts and t-shirt and into some stockings and a nice skirt and top with heels. Then I had to do a quick touchup on my makeup, and brush the confetti out of my hair. Ms Sassa is a real stickler when it comes to having her pets presentable for a call. I'm usually pretty casual, and dress for comfort rather than style, but Ms Sassa isn't havin any of that shit in her wagon. When I call her, I'm dressed feminine or it ain't gonna happen. God forbid I have any stubble on my legs or on my pussy. I was lucky I'd been keepin up with that, because I wouldn't have had time for gettin in the shower and shavin too.

By the time I got finished gettin ready, I was already a half hour late when we finally connected on the call. She wasn't mad at me for bein late, and I think she understood that I was workin, and that's why I couldn't get there as soon as she wanted me there. But then again, Ms Sassa never seems to get mad at me. She doesn't have to. She just tells me in that sweet as molasses Southern drawl that it was too bad I was late because she was plannin on lettin me cum. I whined a little bit, and before I could even get around to beggin her, she changed the subject.

She asked me what I was wearin, and I told her. I had found a cool pair of baby pink pumps with 4 inch heels, and was wearin those, but when I told her, she made me go take them off and wear the red Barbie shoes she likes so much. I almost walked out of them a couple of times on the way back to the phone, because there is almost nuthin holding them on my feet. I had to take tiny little steps just so they'd stay on. Maybe next time I should try some quick dryin epoxy. When I finally got back, Ms Sassa giggled about my problems in the shoes and then told me what she had on her mind.

What she had on her mind was to get me back on the trainin plan she started me on before, but we let slip.

Like I kinda told y'all before, Ms Sassa is not all that excited about how I dress and take care of myself. She wants me to make sure I take time every night to take care of my skin. I'm supposed to get into the habit of makin sure I'm all cleansed and moisurized and stuff. She wants my skin feeling nice and soft for her, and that includes any hair on me that ain't on my head or eyebrows. I've been known to get lazy and let my legs and pussy go for a week or more, but all that is gonna stop. I have to make the time to stay smooth everywhere.

She also wants me to stop dressin and actin like a tomboy. I don't think she means for me to dress like Scarlett O'Hara in the long, super feminine curls and hoop skirts, gliding around with a mint julep in my hand and fannin myself with the other because I can't breathe in the corset, but you never know. Ms Sassa is into those period outfits, and it wouldn't surprise me one little bit.

She told me again that she thinks I should dress more professionally than in jeans and tennis shoes all the time, and that also includes not leavin the house without at least some makeup and perfume on. Hey, I was just thinkin, maybe the tips at work'll get better!

One thing that she's been happy with is the way I've been keepin up with my nails. I've gotta keep em long and pink, even if they make doin things twenty times harder. She says having the nails is a form of bondage, and that makes total sense to me. It makes her laugh to hear me complainin about the way I have trouble typin on the keyboard, but she says I gotta suck it up, because she thinks long nails makes the hands look extra feminine. So what if I can't button my blouse? At least my nails'll look good.

So that was her trainin plan for me goin forward. I hope I didn't forget nuthin. I think she had more ideas for me, but somethin came up and she had to leave, and so that was that for our call. I guess we'll pick it back up when she's ready. In the meantime, no cummies for Debi Mae. Maybe I won't be late next time.

Thanks for takin my call, Ms Sassa! It was a long time overdue, and it was great talking with you in person again. I'm hopin I'll have some slow time at the bar so I can sit back and daydream about things that you might do with me in the future. That's so much more fun than slapping the drunks hands away for my whole shift.

Oh, and I almost forgot. It looks like people have been easin off on their votin. How about if y'all get on the stick and start votin again every 3 hours? In case y'all forgot, I went to the trouble to stick a vote button up at the top of the right sidebar on this page. Just click on it and it'll take ya right to the votin page. Can't get any easier than that, now can it? Let's get Erotic Whispers up to Number 1 again.

See y'all around the chatroom.

debi mae

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Won! I Won! An Auction And In The Chatroom!

The week's been pretty busy as usual, but here's what's been goin' on. I have to show you a picture of the new shoes I won on Ebay. Ms Sassa found 'em and thought they looked like Barbie shoes, so she sent me an IM to let me know they were there. There was only about 20 minutes left in the auction, so I bid for 'em and ended up gettin' 'em for just over $11, including shipping! Here they are.

Cute ain't they? Do they look like Barbie shoes or what? I been wearin' them to break them in, and I think they might've brought me good luck in the chatroom on Wednesday nite. I was there at Ms Sassa's and Ms Tasha's chat, and we were playin' their quiz just like always. Usually I suck really bad at this game, but this time, and maybe because of my lucky shoes, I was ON FIRE! I was givin' the right answers on the first try and my fingers were flyin' on the keyboard (even with these nails), and only minor typos that the Mistresses didn't hold against me.

One thing that helped was havin' 2 points to begin with, because I wrote 2 comments in the Forum last week. But that wasn't totally an advantage for me because one of the other players got 2 points for the same reason, and anybody else is free to do it too. It's about time I won one of these games anyway. I was tired of comin' in dead last every week.

The prize was a 2-Mistress call with Ms Sassa and Ms Tasha, and we have to arrange that real soon. They were gigglin' an awful lot after I won, so I'm thinkin' I might be in for an interestin' call when we get it lined up. Ms Sassa was hintin' around about makin' me say the word "anything" durin' the call, and sayin' that to Ms Sassa is usually like handin' her the keys to the Ferrari and tellin' her to have fun with it. I'm not sure how Ms Tasha feels about that word, but I got a creepy feelin' that I'm goin' to be in the deep creek mud. These two Mistresses together on a call? Two times the fun for me, is that how it works? I hope they both had a real good day leadin' up to the call.

I gotta get changed and get over to work soon. I'm workin' the afternoon shift at the bar for somebody who's on vacation, so I'm goin' to end the post right here. Before I go though, y'all don't forget to vote because you can get some free minutes by doin' it. Check Ms Sassa's and Ms Tasha's blogs for more details. I'm goin' to go get ready to deal with the drunks. See y'all soon in the chatroom.

debi mae

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bad Debi Mae

I know I been a bad girl. I haven't been postin' enough in my blog. I could give you excuses about workin' a lot of extra hours at the bar and not havin' time to blog, but none of that matters. I haven't been postin' enough. Bad Debi Mae.

So what am I goin' to write about? Not sure. Let's see. It's 11:59 on October 31st as I'm typin' this line, and Halloween is almost over for another year. I didn't do nothin' this year for Halloween. No costume, no makeover, no parties, no candy, and no money. You want to know what I did? I stayed home. I couldn't buy any candy this year, so I was a party-pooper and turned out the porch light, turned off the TV, and took a nap until the Trick or Treaters were all back home suckin' down their haul. Sad, I know, but true. Now I'm awake and it's time to blog.

How about some good news? For me, anyway. Last time I posted, I had a total of 160 of Ms Sassa's Cummie Points socked away, with 140 to go before she'd even consider letting me have an orgasm. Since then, while I haven't been bloggin', I've at least been votin' over at her page, and the points have been quietly addin' up. And quicker than I thought too. I reached 300 Cummie Points on October 17th, and didn't even realize it until over a week later, because I wasn't keeping a runnin' count, and I didn't think I was that close. Chalk that up to Debi being too dumb to check sooner. The only consolation I have is that Ms Sassa still hasn't promised me beans about when I can cum, so maybe she wouldn't have let me anyway. Maybe she'll give me credit for votin' whenever I can, even after I got to 300 points. Since that time, I racked up another 125 points. Not too shabby!

I won a free call with Ms Sassa during the "Hump Your Hand Wednesday" chat, but we still haven't been able to hook up for that one. When we do, and I hope it's soon, I'll be sure to write about it.

Speakin' of the Wednesday chat, Ms Sassa and Ms Tasha make it a contest every week, and the questions they ask are pretty hard to guess, so you really need to be up on the Erotic Whisperz sites, and especially the blogs and wishlists of Ms Sassa and Ms Tasha. Poor little ol' me has a hard time keepin' up. I'm not fast on the keyboard anyway, but these nails that Ms Sassa won't let me cut back are gettin' so long they keep slippin' off the keys, and I can't type an answer without half of the letters bein' wrong. So usually, everybody else in the Chatroom has time to give 2 or 3 answers before I can even get mine typed out. Yeah, I know I'm whinin', bad Debi Mae.

That's just about all the news I have, but before I go, I want to tell you about somethin' I daydream about a lot. My daydreams have lots of variations, but the main topic is, "What will happen when I finally get to meet and play with Ms Sassa in person?" Maybe you'd call this a fantasy, but I'd rather think of it as a daydream, because fantasy sounds like somethin' that will never happen.

As y'all probably know, Ms Sassa is from the South, and she is very familiar with all things that make Southern Girls so extra feminine. She has told me lots of times about how she loves to do hair and how she dresses girls up in period costumes for historical re-enactments and such. She also has way too much work to do around her house as far as I can tell. She deserves to have somebody who can help her out with all that so she can have more time to do what she does best. (I don't think I need to explain what it is that she does best. It really is obvious, ain't it?)

So my daydreams usually start off with me bein' invited to her house. Once I'm in the door, she decides that I'm goin' to be her own dressable Barbie Doll, and I don't have any say in how she decides to play with me. First thing she does is to make major changes to my appearance. And she doesn't go about it halfway, either. Debi Mae will never be mistaken for her usual tomboy self if Ms Sassa has anything to do with it. She might dye and perm my hair into long cute ringlets like a 19th century Southern Belle and lock me into a corset and hoop skirt. Or maybe she'll want to dress me up, leash me, and take me to a BDSM event where she will show me off to her friends. Or, maybe she'll take away all my clothes except for a humiliating little maids uniform and have me keep up her house for her. In my daydream, no matter how she decides to play, I can only wear what she lets me wear, and can't leave the house without her. And it's not like I'm goin' to try to walk all the way home in some tiny little outfit with hair like Shirley Temple. When we're not playin' or I'm not doin' her chores, I'll be locked into some secret little soundproof room where nobody can hear me if they come to the house lookin' for me. I'll be her little no-limits playtoy until she decides that she's tired of playin' with me.

And do y'all know how I get trapped into these things every single time? I'm sure y'all do. So say it with me. "Mistress, please, I'll do anything you want if you just let me cum." But gettin' in over your head is what always happens to bad girls, ain't it?

Bad Debi Mae...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lets See, Does A Comment Count As A Blog Post?

Mistress asked me last night how many Cummie Points I had earned since she put the kaibosh on my touchy-feelies. This is probably goin' to be hard to believe for some of ya, but I didn't have the actual number of points added up anywhere so I could tell her. So tonight's post is goin' to be lil ol' me figuring out how many points I have and if it looks like I might get to cum by Christmas. If you don't care, go get a cup of coffee or take a pee or somethin'. This will take a couple minutes.

One thing I did right away is to start writin' down the 3 letter codes over at the votin' page. If you've been payin' attention, you know I stuck a votin' button up in the upper right hand corner of this page. Look up there. LOOK! See it? Now go vote while I find my paper with the vote codes on it.

OK, I'm back now, but before I start cipherin', make sure you write down the code when you vote, because if you save a bunch of those, you could get lucky tomorrow night when Lady Sassa and Ms Tasha are givin' away prizes in their hosted chat. I figure if you weren't payin' attention to the votin' button, you probably haven't been payin' attention period, so look here for the lowdown on tomorrow's hosted chat.

Now back to gettin' me cummin'.

From what I can tell from my notes, I remembered to write down the vote codes 20 times, at 5 points each.

Counting this one, I done 4 posts here in my blog, at 10 points each.

I done 2 posts over at the Erotic Whisperz forum, also for 10 points each.

I don't think I'm supposed to count the little comments I write on other peoples blogs, and that's fair, but I haven't been writin' those down anyway, so they ain't gettin' counted. I'm sure I'll be wishin' I did in another week or two.

So where does that get me?

160 points? Holy Jalapenos! I'm over halfway to Ms Sassa's goal of 300, and it's only been one week! I might just survive this after all! Phew... what a relief!

Before I go, I have to say I read the private email from baby ryan that Mistress Sassa was kind enough to post in the Forum for all of us to read. Well, the font was a bad color for my monitor, and I couldn't read it, so I had to go over to Ms Sassa's blog to read it. But from what I read, baby ryan, you get yourself in soooooo much trouble. I bet there'll be a saddle in Ms Sassa's wishlist in the next day or two. Dang, I'm glad I never say dumb things to get myself in trouble like that. You need to be more careful about how far you stick your... ummm... foot in your mouth.

debi mae

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Newsflash From Ms Tasha

Mistress Sassa told me to pass along this message from Ms Tasha, if I ever want to cum again, so here it is.

Hosted chat for Hump your Hand Wednesdays is at 7pm PST, or 10pm EST.

Lady Sassa and I are hosting chat on Wednesday for all of you hand humping guys. We can do anything together or individually. Like guided masturbation? We love it. Enjoy two girl calls? Then get in on our two girl special.

We will also have prizes as a part of our hosted chat. You must be present in the chat room to win.

Prizes are:

1. Free 10 minute 2 girl call with Sassa, and Tasha
2. Free 10 minute call with Sassa
3. Free 10 minute call with Tasha

Specials Wednesdays:

1. Two girl calls are $3.50 per minute on Wednesdays 12:01am PST to Midnight Thursday
2.One girl special with either Sassa or Tasha $99.00 for your first hour for new customers on Wednesdays 12:01am PST to Midnight Thursday
3. $1.99 a minute for all customers on Wednesdays all day starting at 12:01am PST.

You must ask for the Wednesday specials to receive the special prices.

Tasha 1-866-687-3717 ext. 156

Sassa 1-866-687-3717 ext. 170

Yahoo: TashaTalks2u

AIM: TashaTalks2u

SKYPE: TashaTalks2u

Yahoo: ladysassa07


So there y'all go. Gettin' these two Ladies together should be more fun than swingin' a cat, so y'all better take advantage of this opportunity!

debi mae

Friday, October 2, 2009

How Many Points Was That Again?

Howdy.... I'm back. Things are gettin' kinda bad because I want to touch myself but I'm still not allowed to. For me, I have a really hard time with not touchin' if I've been told not to. It doesn't seem to bother me so much when I'm allowed to. Go figure.

But now, since Mistress Sassa officially put the clamps on little ol' me, I'm havin' a pretty rough time of it. I stopped at the store last night for a few things, and I swear every woman in the danged place was lookin' so good, and wearin' something I wished I could be wearin'. It was all I could do to not put my hand between my legs and start rubbin'. I got a feelin' that its gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

Now, there's been a LITTLE bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Like I told ya' in the last post, Mistress Sassa told me I had to earn 300 Cummie Points before she would even consider letting me touch myself again. Well, since that night, I've been earnin' some points by votin' and by postin' in my blog. If I count this post, I'll have 70 Cummie Points in my hot little hands. So, I'm almost a quarter of the way there, but there's still a long way to go. If I wear a blindfold when I go out and don't watch any TV or look at any magazines, I might just make it to 300.

In some other news, Mistress Brandi, who's the big cheese over at the Erotic Whisperz site, has been settin' up some shiny new forums. One that I'm really excited about is the Sissy Camp forum. Y'all really should go over there and check out the site, post in the forums, hang out in the chatroom, and above all, meet the amazin' bunch of Ladies over there. I've been havin' a blast at Erotic Whisperz, especially when Ms Sassa is there in the chatroom with me.

One last thing. If you want, you can help out big time by votin' for the site in Phone Sex Central. I'll be puttin' up a link soon to make it easier to vote, but in the meantime, you can go to Ms Sassa's webpage and vote there.

debi mae

EDIT: I just installed a voting button in the upper right hand corner of this page. Click on it to vote. You haven't clicked on it yet? What're ya waitin' for? Vote!!!

BTW, if the button is green, it means Ms Sassa is logged in and available for calls. Her phone number is right above the button. You know you want to hear that sexy, sweet as molasses Southern voice, so give her a call. You'll be glad you did!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What In The Name Of Sam Houston Just Happened?

I don't know how I did it. Well, I guess I do now that I looked back at what I wrote in Ms Sassa's Kink Blog.

Whatever, I just ended up not allowed to touch my clitty until I get 300 Cummie Points. I didn't even know what Cummie Points were until Ms Sassa mentioned them in a recent post. Even then, I didn't have the slightest idea how you could get them. 300 Cummie Points? Holy Frijoles, 300 of anything is a lot, specially when you can't even give yourself a little tingle until you get them.

How in the heck do I get 300 Cummie Points in a danged hurry? I sent a panicky IM to Mistress and asked her. After she stopped laughin' and caught her breath, this is what she told me. So far, there's 3 ways to get points, and she may add more ways later, but I'm not positive when that might happen.

I get 5 Cummie Points for voting for her on her webpage.
I get 10 Cummie Points for writing a blog post.
I get 20 Cummie Points for doing a call with her.

So, as soon as I finish writing this, I'm heading over to Ms Sassa's webpage and voting. I have to remember to write down the vote codes and email them to her or it doesn't count. You can bet your ass I'm goin' to have a pen with me when I vote.

After I publish this post and vote, I'll only have 285 more Cummie Points to go. I got a feelin' that Mistress is goin' to enjoy this. And you know what? If I can hold out until I get them, I bet Mistress and me both might just have a little fun along the way. Even if I can't touch myself.

I know, I said I'd do anything for you Mistress, and Southern girls don't go back on their word. But when I'm done votin', I'm goin' to go get a bucket of ice and sit in it.

debi mae

You stroker boys out there, this is all your fault. If it wasn't for you guys, there wouldn't even BE any such thing as Cummie Points. I hope you're happy.